“Taming the monkey mind requires stamina, flexibility and strength—the same qualities that we develop mentally and physically through the practice of yoga.”

It's hard work. It takes discipline and time. But it can also be so much fun!

At Blissful Monkey we believe that the practice of yoga is its own reward. One person's yoga practice may be vigorous and flowing, another's slower and precise. One may have been practicing for years, another just beginning. Each practice is intense and each carries the joy of connecting the mind, body and heart.

Blissful Monkey's teachers are all RYT-certified instructors. They are dedicated to the study of the human body and yogic philosophy. More importantly, our teachers understand and respect the wide array of their students' experiences. They each teach from their own unique experiences.

At Blissful Monkey we have only one rule: If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right!


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