Align and Flow

The first half hour of this class is dedicated to finding a connection to what aligns us with greater freedom and energy. We explore and re-center ourselves through breath work, foundational poses, and deep abdominal work. From there, we move into an hour of flow, including sun salutations and more advanced postures, connecting breath to fluid movement and pose exploration. This class is suitable and challenging for all levels.

Gentle Yoga

The Gentle Yoga class was established at the request of older students needing yoga adapted for the aging body. It is also appropriate for students recovering from injuries and illness. It begins with a gentle warm-up seated on chairs, then proceeds to standing postures, much like any basic yoga class, then ends with floor exercises, stretches and recuperative relaxation. Each student is individually assisted to adapt postures to her or his ability. Emphasis is on reducing pain, on healing, on feeling a sense of support with fellow students, and on pure enjoyment of movement.

Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga, created by Ana Forrest, is founded on breath, integrity, and strength. Students learn how to tailor each pose for their specific needs, and hands on assists are available to help guide students into postures and to release tension. Accessible to all students, Forrest Yoga will help you go deeper into yourself and your practice, no matter what your level of experience, to discover the joy and freedom of being fully present in your body.


A class for both new and experienced students to learn and practice poses at a slower pace. Sequences emphasize proper alignment, strength, balance and stamina through mindfulness of breath and movement. A class geared to beginners, to those recovering from injury and to experienced students who may want to delve into the subtleties of a quieter and gentler practice.

Iyengar Yoga

This class teaches students the classic yoga postures (asanas) with precise instruction and attention to alignment. Each class sequence follows a theme or family of poses and encourages students to understand how the poses build on one another and affect each other. Those new to yoga as well as those interested in deepening their current practice are welcome to this rejuvenating, concentration-enhancing class.

Lunchtime Yoga

This class is a one-hour Mixed Levels class for students on the go.

Mom & Baby Yoga

This class is a gentle yoga class designed to help new moms regain muscle tone, abdominal strength, and flexibility, which cultivating a peaceful, loving connection with the baby, and themselves. Postures stretch and strengthen tight muscles, while breath work, and relaxation exercises help students feel rejuvinated, and refreshed. Mom's (and dad's too) have a chance to interact with the baby during yoga practice, learning potential exercises to do at home. Please bring a receiving blanket for the baby to lie on, and any toys your baby enjoys. Due to the unpredictability of a baby's schedule, you may arrive up to 15 minutes late and still take class.

Prenatal Yoga

This class is designed to help women find comfort during pregnancy and prepare them for labor and birth. Physical postures (asanas), meditation and breath-work (pranayama) help women relax and adjust to the physical, emotional and mental demands of pregnancy. Yogic philosophy and increased awareness can be invaluable tools when attending to a new child as well as mother's own special needs during this challenging time.

Rise and Reiki Yoga

This Sunday morning flow will warm you up and calm you down. In addition to the mixed-levels practice, students will be offered healing energy.

Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga is about deep relaxation and unwinding tension. Prop supported gentle postures are usually held for ten minutes to allow the nervous system to move into a relaxation response. Props are also used for self massage to unwind knots of tension and help the body to realign.
Restorative yoga is recommended for all levels, including people brand new to yoga, and can also be helpful for people recovering from injury.


A class designed to help with tension and stress. Calming the waves of emotions and thoughts is the path of yoga, as stated by Patanjali. We will use a sequence of yoga postures and our breathing as a bridge to balance mind and body. The class starts with pranayama techniques, then moves through a sequence of postures that flow into long held asanas drawing the mind inward to a quiet, meditative state. The class ends with shavasana followed by a short meditation. Leave feeling calm, clear and refreshed.

Vinyasa Flow

This flow-style practice links the breath with a series of postures to build heat in the body, developing strength, flexibility and stamina. These classes are challenging but are suitable for students of all levels. Depending on the instructor's teaching style, these classes are often faster in pace or require holding the poses longer. Instructors will offer students options and modifications through the progression of the poses.

Music Class

For more information about Music Class for Babies and Children up to 3.5yrs Contact Evan Haller at 6174705918 or