Terri McGrath Haller, RYT

Director & Owner
After discovering yoga in 2001, Terri received her 200-hour certification from YOGAspirit Studio]. Her dynamic vinyasa classes are rooted in the alignment principles made famous by BKS Iyengar; students are encouraged to find the overlap among strength, breath, mindfulness and a serious sense of play! A mother to five incredible children and wife to her music-making husband, Terri is as interested in the grounding, contemplative aspect of vinyasa practice as she is in its ability to free the mind, body and spirit.

Bec Conant

Yoga Instructor
Bec started practicing yoga in 1998 while pursuing a career in modern dance in New York. She taught yoga as a supplemental income to her dance career. When an ankle injury ended that career, Bec took the opportunity to dive more fully into her love of yoga and learn as much as she could (a task she continues to this day). She completed the teacher training program at Om Yoga in 2001, and immediately went on to get further certifications in restorative yoga as well as pre- and post-natal. Bec is also certified as a Birth Doula, by Doula of North America. Her experiences have shown her a deep connection between yoga and childbirth—something she looks forward to exploring further.

Sonia Basauri Lydon

Yoga Instructor
Sonia first discovered yoga in 1999 as a way to alleviate the chronic back pain due to scoliosis. The therapeutic effects of yoga, and the overall balance that it brought about in her body and mind, amazed Sonia, and from then on she was inspired to deeply pursue and evolve her yoga practice. Through teaching yoga, Sonia hopes to spread happiness and the desire for all to “live a beautiful life” – an ideal that she learned from her father, who always chose a path of joy and love for his own life. She is grateful to her teachers for their yogic wisdom and guidance, her mother and husband for their encouragement and support and to her two young children for helping her to find the beauty in life’s most unexpected places.

Sara Kochanowski

Yoga Instructor
"I came to yoga because of chronic back pain. Fixing my back was just the first step towards bringing my whole self into greater balance and freedom. My classes focus on using thoughtful sequencing, attention to alignment and breathwork as a map to exploring the wilderness of the self. In my classes I encourage you to find your edge and trust your intuition, while keeping a sense of lightheartedness and curiousity. Having completed teacher trainings with Ana Forrest and South Boston's own David Vendetti, my classes focus both on extended postural holds and fluid vinyasa flow. And abs. I'll teach you to love abs!"

Nadja Refaie

Iyengar Yoga Instructor
Nadja has been practicing yoga since 1997 and has been teaching since 2002. After completing her 200-hour certification at Kripalu in 2001, she began to practice and study Iyengar yoga. She completed Patricia Walden’s 2-year Teacher Training program in 2007.  In 2009, she became a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. She continues to study with and assist Patricia in her weekly classes in Cambridge. Nadja’s thoughtful sequencing and attention to each individual makes her class warm, inclusive and accessible to students of all abilities and ages.

Jamie Villanueva

Yoga Instructor
I have been practicing yoga on and off for nearly a decade and not until I found PranaVayu yoga did consistently make room for it in my life. Since then, yoga has become my lifestyle. My personal and professional yoga practice continue to evolve as I discover and embrace yoga as a method of self-regulation and transformation. After diving into yoga, myself and those near me, noticed positive physical and mental changes; it is these gifts that I like to share with my students.

I enjoy teaching a light-hearted, upbeat and physical class. I subtly weave Buddhist-inspired philosophy into my classes giving students a full mind and body experience. In addition to yoga, I love hiking and snowboarding the mountains of Vermont and California with my husband, Nico. jamievillanueva.com

Rebecca Davis

Yoga Instructor
Rebecca first came to yoga in 2001 through an acting class and has been practicing ever since. She finds yoga fun and therapeutic, in equal parts, and enjoys sharing those qualities with students. The mat is a place to be honest — about our goals and about our limits. It is also a place of great healing: when we are focused on our breath or our balance or our feet or our dristi, we cannot also be worrying about problems at work or at home! Mindfulness is meditation, and yoga brings us constantly into the present moment. In addition to a 200-hour yoga teacher certification and an additional certificate in prenatal yoga, Rebecca is a licensed independent clinical social worker and an Usui Reiki Master-Teacher. wainhousewellness.com

Janine Duffy

A wife, mom, law grad, legal researcher and yoga addict all rolled into one!
Janine discovered yoga more than 10 years ago upon entering law school. Since then yoga has been there for her through the good times and the bad. Years of long hours as a law clerk at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston as well as being a new mom to two little boys finally took its toll. It was during this tumultuous time as she transitioned to being a stay at home mom and battled post partum depression, Janine found her way back to the mat. Not only did yoga help Janine regain her confidence, balance and satisfaction in her new role, but also yoga had a positive effect on her son, James. She noticed a big difference in his attitude and alertness, which made her a believer that yoga was great for anyone of any age – especially children! Shortly thereafter, Janine completed her children’s yoga training with Radiant Child Yoga and began teaching kids yoga classes.

Janine’s curiosity about the effects of yoga led her to a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Chanel Luck and Bonnie Argo. It was at the end of this training that she found herself pregnant once again. She noticed that practicing yoga while pregnant was fun, exciting, scary, and sad – every emotion a woman could have, and towards the end of her pregnancy Janine became certified to teach prenatal yoga at Om Births.

Janine finds most satisfaction helping women through this tremendous life changing experience and focuses on teaching prenatal as well as the post-partum, mommy and me and toddler yoga classes. Her classes help new and expecting moms understand and adjust to the changes taking place in their bodies and minds. Janine’s classes focus on strength building poses, pranayama and meditation that are not only helpful on the mat but OFF! Being the mom of three boys, she can certainly attest to how yoga helps her throughout any given day!

Mary Birnbaum

Yoga Instructor
Mary B began practicing yoga at the age of 45 to address the problem of achy hips. Yoga worked so well that she went from one class a week to several classes a week, and became a certified as an instructor in 1999. Now in her 60's, Mary practices vigorously five days a week, and teaches our Chair Yoga class. She is especially sensitive to the problems of aging bodies, the frustrations of injuries, and the limitations of non-dancer body types. Her emphasis is the balance of self-compassion and self-challenge, livened with gentle humor and fun.

Cassandra Foster

Yoga Instructor
Cassandra Foster began practicing yoga in 2011, and knew immediately she had stumbled on something special. Yoga’s innate ability to join or connect—mind to body, movement to form, Buddhist philosophy to modern life—resonated with Cassi’s inner wisdom and inspired her to cultivate a dedicated daily practice. A few years later, while on retreat in the serene woods of Maine, Cassi realized she wanted to transform her love for asana into a more pronounced part of her path; the following summer, she completed the 200-hour YA-certified Fluid Yoga Teacher Training with Kevan Gale and Betty Riaz. Cassandra most recently did teacher trainings for SPA yoga and Bodhi & Mind yoga. Students in Cassi’s dynamic vinyasa classes will find a balance of postures designed to promote strength and flexibility, with variations offered to accommodate practitioners at all levels. Her joyful heart and sweet demeanor help guide students toward more acute awareness of breath and body.

Ines Hudson

Yoga Instructor
Ines has been teaching yoga and meditation for more than 20 years. She is a spiritual counselor, wellness consultant and Shiatsu practitioner who started practicing yoga when she was a teenager, being drawn to this ancient practice at a very young age. In 1998 she received certification as a yoga teacher from the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy. She has studied with world-renowned teachers and continues to pursue her lifelong passion for Yoga in all of its facets. In 2013 she completed the Meditation Teacher Training course at Ananda. A devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda, she is dedicated to guiding her students to tap into their innate potential in order to realize their true nature. Her asana classes are based on mindfulness of breath and movement in order to activate the life force within and to intelligently distribute and utilize it throughout the body/mind. Ines brings compassion, authenticity and joy to her classes while holding a dynamic space for students to explore, to heal and to awaken.

Samuel Mendoza

Yoga Instructor
Hello! My name is Sam. My work outside of the studio as a fashion designer and on the mat as a teacher share a singular aim - to use the body to bring the mind to a clearer, happier place. My hope, always, is to uplift your spirit. Through mindful classes developed to physically challenge the body and focus the mind, students are encouraged to access stillness and control from which they can gain confidence and restored energy. Combining strength, agility, and serenity, I guide you through creative sequences that move your awareness and your body in all directions. With massage, soothing oils, and eclectic music, I aim to hold a dynamic and calm space in which you can enjoy and explore your own unique practice. See you in the studio or around the neighborhood.

Stephanie Fredericks

Yoga Instructor
Stephanie is a 2011 Yoga Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, Legacy Place, Dedham. Stephanie Fredericks has been studying Iyengar yoga with her teacher Patricia Walden since 1998. In 2015 Stephanie completed Patricia Walden's two year teacher training program and became a certified Iyengar Yoga Introductory I/II teacher. Stephanie believes that everyone can benefit from the balance and self-reflection that yoga brings, no matter how flexible their bodies are. Stephanie holds a Master's Degree in Education in Administration, Planning and Social Policy from Harvard University and she is currently a drama teacher for Boston Public Schools in Hyde Park. In addition to yoga Stephanie also loves to run and is an avid Crossfit athlete. She lives in Roslindale with her husband Ed and daughter Ruby.

Masha Leuner

Yoga Instructor

I first tried yoga in 2005, when I was planning my destination wedding, and was feeling pretty stressed! It was such a different experience to spend an hour on the mat, performing unfamiliar and challenging poses! Years of practice later, I’ve come to love these poses so much, because they still feel fresh. Yoga is experiential, and offers a multi-dimensional port to access yourself!

I believe that over time, yoga awakens and strengthens our innate ability to heal ourselves. I teach with that goal in mind. Classes integrate skeletal alignment, deep awareness of breath and dynamic movement of vinyasa. Step on the mat and leave the ego behind! I hold a B.A./M.A. in Economics and M.B.A. from NYU Stern School of Business. I was a career driven marketer in New York City area for years. At some point, all that achievement started to impact my health, so I let it all go! Now I do what I love, spend time with my kids, and even notice leaves changing color in the fall. Which is amazing!

• RYT 200, New School of Yogic Arts with Laura Ahrens, Tatyana Souza & Andrew Tanner, Coolidge Corner Yoga

• Mentorship Program with Tatyana Souza & Laura Ahrens, Coolidge Corner Yoga

• Fluid Assisting with Betty Riaz & Assisting Apprenticeship with Tatyana Souza

• Advanced Studies in Yoga for Osteoporosis with Dr. Loren Fishman MD

Kate Murray

Yoga Instructor

I fell in love with yoga for its challenging yet nurturing experience. Learning to calm my mind with the support of mindful breathing techniques has brought me great relief in allowing me space to turn inward and be with my experience as it is.

Over the years, yoga has served as a path of growth leading me to better navigate challenges and choices in my life continually bringing me closer to my authenticity and joy.

I am a graduate of Boston Yoga School and am grateful to all of my teachers for passing down the tools and wisdom of the practice. I find benefits in many different styles of yoga including Iyengar and ashtanga. In my classes I offer elements of these different styles into a dynamic, slow and breath-focused practice. My approach is kind, gentle, and steady.